Wednesday, 2 September 2015

6 tips and advices for your removals

1 - Moving with Children

Find a way to arrange baby sitting to keep your mind stress free and to concentretate on your move and save your time. Older children might help and living event will better support them and get used quickly to their new environment.

2 - The Day

Keep documents such as passports, bank documents and insurance policies with you. Make sure that all valuable things are covered by your insurance for the removal.

3 - Be well organized

The key is to preplan your move in advance. Take care to inform your change in address to bank, Insurances, Internet, Council, etc...
If you do the packing by yourself then get packing cartons, put them into categories (eg with a color code) to have less difficulty when removing them, and especially avoid breaking glasses thinking it was the linen. Save your fragile by proper wraping. Or you can ask for a packing service from your removal company.

4 - Storage

It is rare to be able to store all at once at home. A transitional period is needed and storage of furniture and boxes could be tricky. Solutions exist, such as store with friends or in a storage warehouse.

5 - Carry out the vacuum

Moving is also an opportunity to clear away unwanted things. For this you can use disposal service, EasyShipping can do this disposal for you. Furthermore, UK charities will be delighted to help you abandon the superfluous. You can also sell your stuff, fell out of favor on classifieds sites, in organizing a clearance sale or garage sale.

6 - The headache of paperwork

Check with the previous occupants of your new home to meet the various counters and call recipients to tell them that you return the apartment. The transfer may recover less than reopening a folder.